Proactol Diet Pills Review – Does Proactol Fat Binder Work?


It is estimated that there are 70 million dieters in the United States today. With such a large consumer market, it is not surprising to see a wide range of weight loss products being sold in stores all over. Many people unfortunately have been disappointed with such solutions with a growing number not easily impressed with any product nowadays, including Proactol diet pills, even though they may have heard good things about it. If you are seeking to know whether there is any truth about this natural supplement’s ability to aid weight loss, then this review article will be of interest to you.

How Does It Work?

Based on what we can gather, central to the design of Proactol diet pills is a patented fiber complex, made from all-natural sources of soluble and non-soluble fibers.

For a start, fat absorption is prevented since it is bound by the non-soluble fiber. Secondly, soluble fiber works to decrease glucose absorption and food digestion.

Because of these effects, food intake will be reduced and at the same time hunger cravings is kept at bay for a longer time. You can in fact consider this as a “two in one” product that offers benefits that are two-fold.

It It Effective?

If you have been wondering as to whether Proactol diet pills work, then you should know that its effectiveness is validated by several clinical studies.

As an example, findings suggest that users of this supplement can shed pounds while consuming their favorite foods moderately since 27% of dietary fats will bind with the supplement. What this means is that dieters who genuinely wish to try out this product are assured of the manufacturer’s sincerity to help them lose weight as evident by their willing participation in these clinical studies.

And it is not difficult to follow the usage instructions as what you need to do after each meal is to take the supplement with a glass of water. You may even be more pleased to know that there are no allergens, gluten, salt, artificial coloring or preservative in Proactol pills. It is probably due to this that there are no harmful side effects reported so far with the use of this all-natural offering.

When it comes to weight management, you can use it rather than meal replacement products or diet regimes. This is true whether you want to maintain your present weight or to stop pounds from adding.

Based on the above, Proactol diet pills are certainly worth considering. It is indeed a refreshing departure from many products that are marketed with claims that are not backed by clinical tests.


Most Effective Fat Burner Pill With the Least Or No Side Effects – Does it Really Exist?


If one night you decide not to sleep early and watch TV instead, you will notice how many commercials there are of supplements promising to boost your metabolism and burn your fats away. The claims look promising, and as often as always, those who are having a problem with protruding fats in their belly and other parts of their body will do one thing: call the number provided on the screen and order a bottle of these supplements. But how sure are consumers that the diet supplements which claim to be the most effective weight loss pills are for real?

There are many supplements out there that are prolific, and they come in different names and forms as well. Some are available in liquid form, and some in capsules, pills, bars, and smoothies. However different they are in names and forms, they all promise one thing: speed up metabolism and burn your fat the quick and easy way.

The truth behind even the most effective burner pills is that they work by increasing thermogenesis, the process of converting food to heat before it will even be stored as fat. Hence the result is, fat buildup is near to impossible and you don’t have to worry about extra pounds on the weighing scale. However, a few studies have shown that most of these pills contain an ingredient known as ephedra or ephedrine. The side effects of taking drugs with such a compound can prove to be fatal; they can cause death. The potential side effects of such supplements include heart attack, seizures, and psychosis.

If you are now wondering and asking yourself which is the best way to burn fat without having to deal with side effects, it is to increase your physical activity and eat a balanced diet. Remember to add fruits, such as acai berries, in your diet. These are rich in antioxidants that help you rid of your belly fat the safe way.


Fat Burner Hell


We’ve all seen the commercials on TV for them; some being endorsed by pseudo-celebrities, others by normal (not actors though) people. Yes, I am talking about fat burners. Hydroxycut, Xenadrine, and Stacker-3 are to name a few. The main question is, what exactly are they, do they actually work, and are they safe?

Fat burners are essentially pills which contain certain herbal ingredients such as Ephedra, HCA, Chitosan and Pyruvate, all of which claim to either increase energy, stimulate your metabolism and/or suppress your appetite. These supplements are supposed to work by increasing thermogenesis-that is, by converting more of the food you eat into heat before it can be stored as fat. Being able to do this safely would, of course, be a welcome way to avoid the buildup of fat and keep off extra pounds.

It’s hard to say if they actually work. Finding a conclusive study about just about any dietary supplement, including so-called fat burners, may make for a long day. What we do know is that most supplements need further studies done. Supplements aren’t standardized so you don’t know if what’s listed on the bottle is what you’re getting. Plus, no one knows what the long-term effects of these supplements are and, even scarier, how they interact with other medications. So, to answer the question of whether fat burners work, I have to say… I don’t know.

With any chemically manufactured thing you put into your body, you have to worry about side effects. Here is a small list of some of the side effects you could experience with any fat burner taken:

1. Increased blood pressure

2. Nose bleeds

3. Blurred vision

4. Acne outbreak

5. Restlessness & hyperactivity

6. Loss of appetite

7. Increased heart rate

8. Headaches

9. Lightheadedness

10. Dizziness

11. Insomnia

12. Nausea and upset stomach

In my opinion, none of these effects really seem like fun to me. I have a friend that was actually taking Xenadrine and was having some bad side effects from taking it. More people need to be aware of this before they start taking anything like this. There are alternatives to fat burner pills. Increase your physical activity-whether it’s walking briskly, lifting weights, or doing a Beachbody program. Not only will the exertion help you shed some pounds, but it’s also more beneficial to the heart and skeletal muscles. Don’t spend your hard earned money, there are no shortcut pills to a leaner body.


partners in crime: 3 Day Military Diet


3 Day Military Diet We have known this as the Kaiser diet. Used for patients that needed to lose weight fast before surgery. It works but you have to stick to the menu and not make substitutions. It works on a chemical breakdown. Drink LOTS of water!!! :).